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Mechanical Tensioners

ALTIC’s Mechanical Tensioners remain the most famous part of the company’s product range and many improvements have been made to ...
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Electrical tensioners

Equipped with the best of the EMP Brake technology, ALTIC’s Electric Tensioners are a very cost effective solution to upgrade ...
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Electronic Tensioners

When wire tension accuracy and the highest possible level of Quality control are required for the production process, ALTIC’s Electronic ...
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Wire Tension Meters & Accessories

Digital Tension Meters Large, easy to read backlit, graphic display with adjustable backlighting and contrast. Display shows tension, name of ...
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Tensiometer dedicated to packaging straps tension measurement

Strap Tension Meters for Packaging

NEW : Strap Tension Meters for packaging quality management The STX-1 series has been designed to provide accurate measurement for ...
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