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ALTIC, your best partner for Wire and Coil Winding tension quality management

ALTIC, the inventor of modern Coil Winding Tensioners

ALTIC, the inventor of modern Coil Winding Tensioners

To follow the increased productivity requested by winding machine manufacturers and end-users alike, ALTIC created the “static tensioner” for winding machines in the early 1960s.
A few decades later, this “wire tensioner for coil winding machines” concept is still at the heart of all industrial copper wire winding equipment on the market.

Basically, the “static wire tensioner” concept means that the feeding bobin remains on the floor, rather than being unwound around a rotating axis.
The advantages are obvious: with almost zero inertia in the wire’s path, it is possible to manage a precise, and above all very rapid response from a capstan-type wire tension control device.
Copper wire tension can thus be precisely controlled during the winding cycle to guarantee coil quality and reproducibility (resitance, impedance), and control the length of copper wire wound on each coil.

ALTIC tensioners have made coil winding machines increasingly dynamic and productive.
In the meantime, many innovative solutions have been added to the original patents.
This has enabled manufacturers to radically change the way they produce magnetic coils.

That’s why ALTIC remains one of the winding industry’s favorite partners.