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ALTIC, your best partner for Wire and Coil Winding tension quality management

ALTIC, the inventor of modern Coil Winding Tensioners

ALTIC, the inventor of modern Coil Winding Tensioners

Increase of productivity has constantly been requested from tens of years by both the OEMs and the End-users. That’s why ALTIC has created in the early sixties the “Static tensioner” for copper wire. It happens that such a concept of coil winding tensioner is still at the heart of all the industrial tensioning devices on the market.

Basically, “Static tensioner” concept means to keep the bobbin laying on the floor, instead of unwinding the bobbin from a rotating shaft.
The benefits are evident: with almost zero inertia on the wire path, a very precise and fast response was possible to expect from a capstan-type wire tension control arrangement. With coil winding tensioners, coil winding equipments were then able to start being ever more dynamic and productive.
Many innovative solutions came along with the original company’s patents. It follows that the producers got a way to dramatically change the way to produce magnet coils. That’s why ALTIC remains one of the Coil Winding Industry’s favourite and constant partners.