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Accessories for Tensioners

Spool covers & guides
TAG – Spool cover
TAGO – Spool cover w/ eyelet
A full range of transparent plastic spool covers (DIN 125 to DIN 650)
Delivered with polished steel rings and ceramic eyelets (TAGO version), to optimize the wire extraction at very high speed

High speed Pulleys & Ceramic eyelets
High speed pulleys
Delivered as single spare parts, these are the same high quality pulleys as ALTIC uses for its own high quality Tensioners.
For building high speed / low tension wire paths.

Mounting frames
Mounting frame
A full range of aluminium alloy tubes and clamping devices allowing you to choose the best fitting for ALTIC tensioners on the coil winding machines.

Tube Diam. 30 mm

Basic frame structure
> Fixation diameter compatible with the whole range of ALTIC tensioners

Floor (or table) mounting plate for tube Diam. 30 mm

Basic frame structure
> Table (or floor) attachement of the structure

Cross nut for tubes Diam. 30 mm

Basic frame structure
> Perpendicular attachement of the tubes to build the structure