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Wire Tension Meters & Accessories

Digital Tension Meters
Large, easy to read backlit, graphic display with adjustable backlighting and contrast.
Display shows tension, name of calibration selected, running line minimum and maximum tension values, and battery charge level.
Indicate length of material in feet or meters.

Tension Meter - TX1 Series - New design !

Utilized extensively in major wire, textile, coil winding, manufacturing and testing environments.

The TX-1 series of Tension Meters was designed to check precise tensions during dynamic operations. The contact elements are recessed into the trigger shield which effectively stops material from catching and breaking behind the rollers. These instruments are accurate in any position the meter is used in.

Mechanical Tension Meters
The world’s most popular mechanical tension meter, extensively used in major coil winding, fiber optics, textile and synthetic materials manufacturing.
The contact elements are recessed into the trigger shield, which stops material from snagging and/or breaking behind the rollers. Internal magnetic dampening assures an accurate tension reading no matter which position the meter is held in.

Tension Meter - TR Series

Tension Meter - TR Series

ALTIC Tension meters improve your competitiveness.
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