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ALTIC, the inventor of modern Coil Winding Tensioners

For almost 50 years, ALTIC has been the coil winding industry’s favourite partner. ALTIC acquired its competence in this very specific industry through many years of constant relationships with both coil winding professionals and machine manufacturers.

ALTIC’s very long experience in coil winding includes many different applications such as motors, transformers, selfs, relays, speakers, television and automotive components, etc.

ALTIC, a world leader for Coil Winding Tensioners

Since the company’s creation, and despite increasing world-wide competition, ALTIC still keeps its position as a world leading manufacturer of coil winding Tensioners, thanks to its close relationship with many coil winding machine manufacturers all over the world.

ALTIC, the tradition

In addition to its permanent development, ALTIC still manufactures the Mechanical Tensioners which have made it famous throughout the world for the past few decades.

Constant technical improvements and the addition of new options continue to make its “traditional” Mechanical Tensioners an up-to-date solution for quality and productivity management.


The consistent high quality of its manufacturing is the best guarantee of ALTIC’s customers full satisfaction.

ALTIC, the innovation

ALTIC’s perfect knowledge of its customers needs has allowed it to develop new lines of products that efficiently combine mechanical and electronic technology.

ALTIC Tensioners improve your competitiveness.
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